The long island is the island of peculiarity and contrast and is the largest island in the group of North Dalmatian islands.

It is located on the Adriatic Sea, on the Croatian Adriatic coast.

Of the other Croatian islands, the Dugi otok stands out with its length - it is about 45 km long, and the result is the "long" epithet in its name.

There are 11 settlements on the island. The island has many natural beauties, especially the Nature Park of Telašćica, on the southern part of the island, Malo and Velo Jezero near Žman,

the Solišćica bay and Sakarun bay - a well-known sandy beach that many come to the island.

The National Park Kornati is also nearby. The sights of the island are also the lighthouse Veli Rat and the church of Saint Pelegrin in Savar, and the manifestation of Tovareća mužika in Sali.

More recently, he has been trying to revive interest in the cave of the Strašna peć, located near Savar, at an altitude of 70 meters.

The long island is connected with the main ferry line Zadar - Brbinj and the catamaran Zadar - Božava - Brbinj.